Tuesday, October 5, 2010

unresolved with those involved
conflicted emotions, a love long dissolved
an unmourned death
a passing unremarked
no regrets from yesterday
no tears within the dark

no one knew nor noticed
non cared or cried
an absence marked by mere relief
no one knew that he had died

the death of a tyrant
his hold now long forgot
his only mark upon the planet
was the damage that he wrought
compelled to control
he drove them all away
his final companions ?
the mere shadows of yesterday


  1. Strong words, well said my friend. Make sure you link to @oneshot. Others will want to discuss your work. I am most concerned with this attitude. I think bullying is being woven into American life and is piled on by the media. It must stop. Thanks for this, Gay @beachanny

  2. Your poem addresses and questions a painful tragedy that we all must learn from. Thanks for posting this one.

  3. this is indeed strong writing - you found the most eloquent words to address such a topic - wow!

  4. wrote this last night after some unsettling news. wasnt thinking for one stop but posted it seeing as you feel so strong about the topic... not sure im up for reading right now though so might b bit unfair

  5. ah you are aright...read when you can...i feel and understand the words...having been there myself and felt the tyrant...

  6. You've painted a sad and disturbing portrait. Well-done.

  7. Poignant..and sad.. I liked reading it.

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    Om Namah Shivaya
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  8. This one reminds me of my father-in-law, who died alone after alienating his whole family. None of his kids cried and only one even went to his funeral. It's sad that this happens to people - on both sides of the coin.

    Interesting One Shot, Wid0w.

  9. thank you for understanding brian

    sad on both side yes victoria

    glad you enjoyed reading it shashi

    in this case it was my first husband eric and agree very sad from their side aswell