Saturday, October 30, 2010



As nights dark veil draws across the land
Your life’s timer runs out of rushing sand
All that crawl, or creep, or fly
Are aiming for your soul, as night goes bye

Night’s dark creatures that feast on fear
Preying on terror and a child's tear
Arise the dead and all celebrate
Devour the living till your hunger does abate

Flaccid, festering, flesh hangs incomplete
As decayed, animated corpses shuffle on rotting feet
Their foul putrid stench fills your lungs full
Tonight is the night for the dead to rule

As they seek to find you their prey
Will you make it to another day?
Hide with your covers tight over your head
If you think that will stop the advance of the dead

If they don’t succeed in feasting on your soul
Other night’s creatures might eat you whole
As hell erupts for this night alone
Are you safe hiding in your home?

“Come forth terror
Come forth fear
Come forth anarchy
Its that time of year

Bring death
Bring fetid breath
Bring pestilence and poison
Bring unrest”

Vampires, ghosts, ghouls, complete
Werewolf’s, zombies, hells hounds to meet
Witches warlocks secure to walk the land
Marching with the will of the devils hand

All screaming and searching for your soul alone
Do you really think they wont visit your home?
They hunger for your company
To tear you between them to have you for tea

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

first off
apologies for not participating last week those of you that read im sure will realise why

on to this week

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

unresolved with those involved
conflicted emotions, a love long dissolved
an unmourned death
a passing unremarked
no regrets from yesterday
no tears within the dark

no one knew nor noticed
non cared or cried
an absence marked by mere relief
no one knew that he had died

the death of a tyrant
his hold now long forgot
his only mark upon the planet
was the damage that he wrought
compelled to control
he drove them all away
his final companions ?
the mere shadows of yesterday