Tuesday, October 12, 2010

first off
apologies for not participating last week those of you that read im sure will realise why

on to this week


  1. Wow..this works on all levels, visual, meaning, wordplay, and the interplay of all. Good work!

  2. how creative you play with the words - the colors - the shapes-as structure shifts to pattern - that's really cool!

  3. I'm going to clal you the word magician -- the playful word magician. Good one.

  4. Awesome. Indeed, works on many levels. Cool pic too! Glad you're back.

  5. Creative play with words and color...love it!

  6. Love it! Those colours certainly set the tone.

  7. visually this is amazing...made me think of the letters we have on front of our fridge and playing with the boys teaching them to write...very nice one shot!

  8. A word-dance in a rainbow of color and light... like a garden full of hibiscus in full bloom. Delightful!

  9. I like when poetry engages us in different ways. This was like shape poetry plus color plus words. Cool!

  10. Color always draws me in...Words keep me there. A visually interesting, clever combination of the two!

  11. Truly visiually inviting to the ears...love this word garden!

  12. Ah, undulating indeed! Like alphabet soup, only more fun and poetic. Love it!

  13. Love, love, love the way you wrote this. Love and Light, Sender

  14. That would look good on my refridgerator - LOL!

    Nice One Shot, Widow!

  15. Love this display of such a wonderful write! Very artistic! :) Very well thought! ~April

  16. i havnt seen those in years!!! :)

  17. How did you do that...so unique. Good work.

  18. Invite you to try the prompts at Writer's Island

  19. the presentation I think echoes the words :D the alphabet undulation :) lovely One Shot!

    My One Shot Poem - Morning Mist

  20. so im a bit behind in my replys huh ;-) thank you all for taking the time to comment it is greatly appreciated
    as always ty Beachanny
    Claudia im glad you enjoyed
    Glynn ahh but glyn if i waz a magition id find spellin so much eazier ;-)
    dustus thank you for the wb i wasnt so much away as non responsive ;-)
    SuziCate thank you for your kind words
    KB hmm tone ... that i think is a missing element we will have to include in the future for a "complete" sensory piece
    Brian Miller thank you i always found those magnets fun myself
    Titanium a very poetic response thank you for taking the time
    Ben Langhinrchs im glad it brought you such sensory satisfaction
    Shell thank you for the praise
    Carrie Burtt just so long as your not seeing me as a weed ty ;-)
    signed...bkm always important to have a little fun now and again ;-)
    Belinda Munoz hmm alphabet soup .. me thinks i feel another poem coming on ;-)
    senderupwords lol thats a lot of love to share ty
    Eric Alder lol i might well do that myself ;-)
    betweenhearts75 thank you i think it was more a case of it thought itself out though ;-)
    r3m3mb3rm3 are ya calling me old???? lol ;-)
    liv2write2day.. saved poem in normal type as jpg.. opened it in paint shop, used smug/smear tool at 100 percent then flood fill.... they do have a wave filter if you want a more polished look
    writersisland thank you i will give there a try too
    Leo thank you for your praise