Medicated Dedicated

these were written whilst running the gauntlet of bipolar medication... but given my current condition on the board i thought it might be appropriate to post it now, it seems to fit quite well.


psychedelic smiles

Twisting twirling psychedelic yearning
floating gloating learning turning
flashes before mine eyes
clear blue skies?
Unfocused eyes
unseen lies.

all pain all fear all hope all souls die
lost in the psychedelic confines of my mind
I laugh again I smile so bright
no more feeling no more fight
giggling insanely in my delight
as I stumble blindly towards the light
no hate no pain no fear to see
but no soul left im loosing me
pretty pictures make me blind
im winning the battle but cheerfully …loosing my mind


Concealed… in the cacophony… of a temporal woodland
Yellow sunlight… splits… on moss covered ground
Blue bell'd flowers… dance… in shallow breezes
as birds sing… to the silence… cast around

Waterfalls… call… with gemdrop harmony
As soothing streams… hush… your troubled mind
Crickets… add percussion… to imagined silence
As you float… in the haze… of this surreal sublime

peaceful skies

bright blue crystal skies
wide open wondering eyes
floating billowing clouds roll by
in peace... i sigh

sunlight falls upon my face
melting heart at heated pace
with joy i run the life long race
bright smiling rainbows i chase

stand on a field pale green all around
laughing in the new joy iv found
peace and quite not one sound
running down the slope of the pale green mound

lives dreams im told they may come true
in colors some find joy a new
for some im sure maybe you
its sunshine yellow crystal blue

for me the way to joy it seems
is washed out yellow and pale green
i laugh i smile find joy between
smiling bright tears "of joy" are seen

glazed eyes

Mustard glazed eyes
And frozen smile
Clouds floating
through the miracle mile
Fogged brain
thoughts disdained
in the labyrinth
of a dying brain

Grasp a thought to loose control
Threads unravel as memories travel
Lost… in this garish dream
Succumb to thought unseen
from golden yellow…… to pale green

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