An Introduction

The Widow

The widow spins her silken web
Beauty between fine gossamer thread
Frost drapes like diamonds glistening in the dusk
Enticing… provoking… curiosity a must

Though many see not the shining array
See not the warning the cold frost does display
Flying tangled into clinging weave
Allowing shining smile to deceive

Wrapped in silken sheets they end their strife
As the widows fangs sink in… to end their life
Then on to the next…
“Come… pray let us tarry a while”
The widow turns with sparkling frosted smile

Seeking sustenance for heart, body and mind
The widow seeks to feed on all she finds
Romance, love, passion… hunger all end the same
Life near the widow is a dangerous game

Remember as her fangs reach to feed upon your heart
The widows love is always dark
Brings pain and death to all who seek
Poison lurking below exterior meek

A tender husband, love to seek in the dark
But tender of flesh… not of the heart
For sustenance the widow lusts true
Who shall feed her next? … Be it you?

But who is caught tightest in this web of style
Be it the prey? The lover? The widow with frosted smile?
If death comes to all who tarry along
Tis a lonely smile a lonely song


                                                                  The Black Wid0w


  1. oh how tempting the spider to her fly...come into my web...just for a taste...nice one shot!

  2. thank you :-) i couldnt decide on which one to use as my first post... but then i figured .. ahh there can only be one for my first ;-)

  3. wow.. nice one shot.. i liked the opening verse a lot.. some nice imagery there especially, not that its not there in the rest of the poem, but there, it weaves a web of its own I felt :)

    My One Shot

  4. Eerie One Shot - reminds me that Halloween is right around the corner!

  5. Nice introduction, Tracey. This is a compelling and tight poem and all that tongueincheek imagery makes me shiver and smile. Good job. Thanks for posting. Gay (@beachanny)

  6. I read this, and I want to run out the room. Inviting, sensual, suggestive, alluring -- and deadly. Nice one.

  7. I love the suggestion of the spider being caught because she has to wait for her prey to come along. Very good.

  8. Good choice for your 1st One Shot post! Welcome... I've been bitten by spiders, literally and metaphorically—not fun. lol As Gay said (@Beachanny) sense the layer of tongue-in-cheek. like the image too.

  9. you wrote that so well i wanted to jump head first in and to hell with the consequences...a great one shot debut...cheers pete

  10. Looks like you have enticed a few already. Good One shot

  11. lol wow bigger response that i expected ..
    leo thank you for your kind words... eric ahh halloween iv got a few id like to post fer that ;-)...thanking thee beech, and thank you for letting me know about this glynn glad you enjoyed...ty kb appreciate the insight...dustus i hope my minions didnt hurt you too badly ;-) pete, well i do always like to keep my larder full :-)...kkridge this does appear to be a very friendly group glad i introduced

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  13. I'm A Spider