Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One Stop Wednesday


Once a boy upon my knee
I saw the man that you could be
Full of hopes and dreams that could
Full of promise, of things that should

But now i watch as you march away
and gone is the child of yesterday
Head held high, the past is done
A salute to the man my son has become


  1. a beautiful salute...i hope he reads children need to read such words from their matter their age..great one shot!

  2. Salute...
    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya.

  3. ah - my son is 18 years now - and yeah - it feels just like you write!

  4. Well written and well said, Tracey. I think you must have been to Blarney Castle at least one as you certainly have the flow and rhythm in all you write. I liked the other one too; but I was so sleepy I can hardly remember it now. Good, tho, this one. Gay

  5. thank you Brian,Caty,Jingle,Shashi this was a special one for me i wrote it just as he was starting his active tour

    i like to think they all know just how special they are

    claudia isnt it just so odd seeing them as adult

    thank you beach i still couldnt really decide what to post lol maybe ill use the other next time ;-)

  6. Dear Tracey,
    What a lovely salute to the man. How was he the teenager [just being cheeky - with 5 dauaghters and 2 at teen stage, I feel like pulling my hair out at times]

    Nice to know that children do grow up fine...

  7. A wonderful tribute, the words rhyme nicely and is well written with a loving hand. An awesome One Shot.

  8. A man to salute and be proud of. Thank you for sharing this not only as poetry to One Shot but as a reminder to pray and be thankful for these faithful ones.

    Moon smiles

  9. wow a father of two young boys who has such hopes for them..this really hit home..a wonderful poem..cheers pete

  10. ty nin .. my hairs only just started growing bk ;-)

    thanks for your kind words collective

    moon "a reminder to pray"? glad you enjoyed but rather it is a salute to his own strength of will.

    make the most of it pete they grow up all too soon ;-)

  11. Great ---

    All I can say is Great and Pass on a Thank you to your Son.